Ciera DellAcqua

Medical Assistant

Ciera started with Clarii in September 2015. She was born and raised in Pasadena, Maryland, with her four sisters and her twin. She went to Anne Arundel and then Howard Community College, where she will graduate in May 2021 with her Nursing degree. She has a beautiful 1-year-old baby girl, and between school and a toddler, she is also trying to plan her wedding! Nursing is her absolute passion; she loves the physiology and research part of medicine and learning how one thing is connected to the next. As Dr. John Hall said, “An important aspect of success in any field is to find something that you really love. If you really love it, it’s not work, and if it’s not work, you don’t really have to be driven to do it every day; you want to get going early, and it’s difficult to go home every night because you enjoy what you’re doing.”