At Clarii Health, we understand the importance of treating our patients holistically. To that end, we have started offering a variety of IV cocktails and vitamin shots to help you work towards your personal health goals.

Our Ultimate Cocktails

Champion’s Blend

Are you an athlete? Then, this one’s for you. It will hydrate your muscles and provide muscle recovery by providing you with high doses of amino acids and hydration.

Mother of Antioxidants

Multivitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants come together to help with memory and brain function. Suffering from mom-brain, brain-fog, or just want a memory boost? Then, this one’s for you.

Weight Less

Wait less time for your physical fitness goals with this blend. With a metabolism kick, vitamins, and hydration, it will help you get where you want to be.

Awesome in a Bag

This cocktail will restore your body’s natural balance. If you feel like you’re having more off days than on, then this cocktail will help you find your energetic self again.

One Two Punch

Give your cold a one-two punch. This cocktail has high doses of vitamin C, B, and Lysine to chase away what ails you.

The Best of the Best

In desperate need of a spa day? This cocktail is just what you need. An all-over detox and hydration blend, this will leave you feeling rested and relaxed. Just what the doctor ordered.

Classic Meyer’s

This infusion has been used for over twenty years. It is an ideal treatment for a variety of chronic illnesses, including headaches, fibromyalgia, and fatigue.

Meyer’s Plus Detox

A twist on the classic, this cocktail includes glutathione to help your body detox and ready itself to receive all the nutrients that the Meyer’s has to offer.

Meyer’s Premium

This infusion has all the benefits of the class Meyer’s, but amino acids and a B-complex have been added to give your metabolism a boost and leave you feeling energized.

Give it a Shot

Power Shot

Vitamin B Complex and B12 give you a boost of energy to start, or finish, the week out strong.

Shot of Immunity

Protect yourself against the latest cold going around, or help yourself get over the creeping crud with this megadose of vitamin C.

Brain Fog Blaster

A mixture of GABA, Magnesium Chloride, Taurine, and Theanine helps alleviate the signs of stress, nervousness, and improves overall focus.

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