Clarii Health Patient Services

Clarii Health is a direct primary care office. How do we deliver primary care?

There’s “business as usual” in primary care, and there’s Clarii Health. At Clarii Health, you are seen promptly when you need it, you don’t wait in the waiting area, you can reach the medical team through all modern communication channels, and we take the time to talk to you and explain your condition and coach you. We also listen to you and provide you with a collaborative care platform that allows our health coaches to be next to you as you achieve your individualized health milestones.

Conceptually, Clarii Health moved away from “transactional” and into “relational” primary care. We want to build a working relationship with you, be next to you, and involve you in your care. We also want to be 100% transparent in regards to how we price our services. You know now exactly how much you are paying for our medical services and what services you obtain. Last – we invite you to be a partner in how we communicate and co-develop this new model of primary care!

Our services are structured as follows:

Direct Primary Care


Direct Primary Care means a collaborative relationship with your primary care doctor. Direct Primary Care is as much about helping you promptly when you are sick as it is about keeping you healthy and reinforcing the best behavior changes to keep you healthy. You will be seen as many times in the office as you need. Or, you can reach out to us through secure text messaging. At night, your call will be forwarded to your doctor, not to an answering machine. We guarantee same day or next day appointments for urgent issues (no need to be seen by an Urgent Care if you can be seen by your doctor). If you don’t want to miss work, but would like to speak to our office – we offer phone consultations or video/virtual visits. We also offer up to 90% discounts on generic medications and up to 90% discounts on lab work done in our office.

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