Opportunities for Insurance Specialists

The cost of employer-sponsored healthcare is on the rise. Businesses are increasingly looking for solutions to this healthcare crisis.

There is no single best solution, but rather a series of steps that can be implemented for the optimization of health benefits. You, the insurance specialists / benefit coordinators / human resource specialists are already doing your best to design health plans and identify the last bit of value in how healthcare is delivered to your clients / employees / members.

We believe we can help, and would love to be part of the conversation.

Our central belief and the backbone of our services is that the best way to curb the cost of healthcare is to ensure the superior health of your clients’ employees / members.

But how to increase the health level of your client’s employees/members?

Wellness plans are salient to building a culture of health. Once a proven wellness plan is in place, the focus can shift towards disease management and appropriate resource allocation to high-utilization members. Last, but not least, the insurance instrument utilized to cover for the remaining risk can also be tailored to the specific needs of a specific business.

There is, however, an element that is still missing, and with it, a tremendous potential for further cost savings.

These cost savings, which can be up to 20% of the current total corporate healthcare bill, can be achieved through a collaboration between insurance specialists and us.

We offer integrated on-site/near-site primary care.

Our clinical protocols make use of biometrics, wellness data and measures, disease management and health coaching with the stated purpose of identifying gaps in employees/members healthcare.

At the center of our protocols are our primary care doctors. Contact us to hear more about Integrated Primary Care and how our protocols can save your clients up to 20% in healthcare costs.

Contact us for a white paper, and a information about our capabilities.