Your Employer Offers Corporate Concierge Health – What Concierge Patient Services Do You Get?

Your Employer Offers Corporate Concierge Health – What Concierge Patient Services Do You Get?

We discussed the cost of Corporate Concierge Health in a previous post. Here, we will expand on the topic of what Clarii Concierge Patient Services do you get under Corporate Concierge Health. In brief, Corporate Concierge Health is a package subsidized in part or in full by employers/businesses for their employees and/or plan members. This package is centered on timely, easily accessible, high quality primary care. Specifically, patients/employees receive high touch, easily accessible primary care + urgent care + up to 90% discounts on medications + up to 90% discounts on blood work. Moreover, there are no co-pays, deductibles or charges to insurance companies (relevant in particular for policies with a high deductible).

Concierge Patient Services with Clarii Corporate Concierge Health – Easy Access

If you ever found yourself wishing to be able to reach your primary care doctor in a timely fashion, then you will enjoy Clarii Corporate Concierge Health. Clarii provides with easy access to your primary care doctor. How do we do this? By opening all channels of communication with our patients. Our patients can reach out to us 24/7 via phone, text messaging, in app messaging. What about in person visits? Our clinic in Columbia, Maryland, guarantees same day or next day appointments for urgent issues. In essence, you obtain urgent care included in the Corporate Concierge Health package. The rationale for providing with high access to our services is simple. We believe our patients prefer to speak to their doctor at 3 AM when they need care, not with an answering service. What are the results of easily accessible primary care? They are quite good! The model results in approximately 50% reduction in ER visits. Therefore, there is no need to miss work or deadlines due to difficult to access healthcare.

Concierge Patient Services with Clarii Corporate Concierge Health – Longer Appointments and Relational Medicine

According the a study by the Kaiser Health News and USA Today, physicians typically schedule appointments in 15 minute slots. Therefore, physicians tend to spend around 8-10 minutes face to face with patients. We allocate a minimum of 30 minutes to our appointments. The rationale is simple. We like to know our patients. We are interested also in explaining the plan of care to our patients. There is simply no way to both get familiar with the patient and provide with proper counselling within 8 minutes. In addition, Clarii opens all channels of communication – text messaging, emails, in app messaging – so that we obtain a longitudinal view onto our patients’ lives. What about coordination of care? Our providers are in your corner as you navigate your health. We coordinate your appointments with specialists. We choose specialists based on the quality of the care they provide.

Concierge Patient Services with Clarii Corporate Concierge Health – Health and Life Coaching

Each patient in our clinic can enjoy the advantages of Health Coaching. We don’t believe in touch and go medicine (or “assembly line” medicine), therefore, we provide a continuous link to our office. Your health coach is your lifeline. Moreover, the health coach can pull in the discussion the physician at any time there is need for higher level input. Our health coaches are trained to remove behavioral barriers to care. The reason for which we focus on behavioral issues is exemplified by a Commonwealth Fund study. In this study, behavioral health issues affect 1 in 5 Americans and lead to healthcare cost of $57B annually, on par with cancer. Furthermore, to quote from this study “60 percent to 70 percent of these patients leave medical settings without receiving treatment”. At Clarii – we take an comprehensive view on our patients’ care. Primary care, in our view, is more than writing scripts.

In conclusion – we make ourselves available, we take the time to know you, and we take an integrative approach to keeping our patients healthy. In our view, these services are the definition of a primary care doctor. Click HERE for a comprehensive list of patient services.

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