Benefits of Direct Primary Care at Clarii Health for Business Owners

The cost of your employer-sponsored healthcare had been, and continues to be, on the rise. Most likely, your benefits consultants/brokers are doing their best to optimize benefits. Perhaps you even implemented a wellness plan. What else can be done? What is missing?

What is missing is smart management of healthcare resources, personalized to your employees and your company. What is missing is an available physician and the appropriate clinical protocols to ensure that your employees stay healthy or if sick get healthy quickly. We can be your on-site/near-site company doctors.

Our central belief and the backbone of our services is that the best way to curb the cost of healthcare is to ensure the superior health of your employees / members.

How are we able to provide with excellent care that ends up costing less?


First – it is less expensive to address a potential medical problem early than late. Your members can reach out to us 24/7 and therefore they avoid expensive care (ER visits, urgent care visits, unnecessary tests and procedures). We pair each one of your employees with a health coach in our practice.

Second – it is less expensive to provide with smart medical help than with undifferentiated/vague and untested approaches that should work. We are able to focus resources (health coaching, physician intervention, home visits, hospital visits, medication compliance monitoring, medication necessity analysis) on the employees who need them most. This approach ensures that the sickest employees have access to the most sophisticated help. In doing so, you also ensure that your healthcare dollars are used in the most economical way.

But how to increase the health level of your employees/members?

We provide with integrated Primary Care, in other words we glue together all aspects of employee health (primary care, urgent care, telemedicine, proven wellness, disease management, health insurance policy, incentives). We integrate all bits and pieces of data/information and put a physician in charge of all facets of your employees’ health.

Does this approach work?

Yes, please contact us for case studies . At the center of our protocols are our primary care doctors. Contact us to hear how our protocols can save you up to 20% in healthcare costs.

How do we know this will work?

We offer a performance guarantee. Contact us to schedule a webinar, a presentations or to talk to one of our physicians.

OK. What is the next step?

Ask your benefits coordinator if you already have access to these type of services. If the answer is no, please ask your benefits coordinator to contact us . We welcome a discussion of your particular case with you and your benefits consultant.


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